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DCMI is a Denver, Colorado based IBM iSeries & Communications Consulting Company. We provide a full range of services to complement and partner with your staff in producing cost-effective results. Our experienced consulting staff can produce turn key solutions or fill a unique need for the life of a project. Services range from complete Facilities Management to unique database data conversions.

iSeries communications can be accomplished using TCP/IP - the Internet communication protocol and /or other standard IBM protocols. Specifically, our products & consultants work with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, AS400, UNIX, and ASCII clients and virtually any server running with open standards, including RISC based servers.

Implement standard products
Install client/server Open System applications
Provide compatible interfaces with all systems on network

RPG & COBOL Programming-contract services
iSeries Internet serving
Voice-data Communication and interface
Automated conversions from other platforms to the iSeries
Software package modification, integration and enhancement
iSeries & RS/6000 hardware & software Marketing/Installation-
    IBM authorized business partner
Project Management
On-call technical support
Information Systems needs analysis

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Legal Software & Consulting

Image Solutions

Communications Software & Consulting





Network Integration

Turn that green screen into a more user-friendly browser interface. The IBM WebFacing Tool replaces the 5250 green screen with a browser based front end.

Developed by MANAC Solutions, Inc. Proven solutions for legal firms that range from the basic financial software to case/file management, time entry with flexible billing. These reliable, client/server systems provide a leading-edge solution for law firms without placing them in the technology battles.
iSeries solution to upgrade traditional systems. Utilized by companies that have packages or in-house development software. With the DCMI APIs, applications are image-enabled, work-flow enabled, and fax enabled by adding a few external calls to each program.

The DCMI Software is native, flexible, versatile, and expandable. iSeries software that will communicate with UNIX platforms, mainframes, or any other computing device. Package is installed and training is provided for smooth, easy support in a heavy production environment.

File server IOP Consolidation of file serving
Traditional Connection to LANs
iSeries Sessions Using Client Server tools and
  Graphical User Interface:


DCMI can offer iSeries accounts complete data communications service with their new partnership with Wide Area Network Provider. This service is ideal for any application that needs quality access from remote sites. This Wide Area Network provides local access in over 1,800 U.S. communities. Clients use the network to:

Remote offices with controllers (multiple users) and single office PC users can access the iSeries applications through a single communication line.

Cancel costly long distance or 800 access charges
Provide their U.S. users with local dial access to their computer
Eliminate expensive banks of modems attached to the iSeries
Avoid non-shared, internally-managed, dedicated circuits

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