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The WebFacing Tool can be used with applications where DDS source code was used to create 5250 display screens. The tool has user-friendly wizards that facilitate selecting your original application's DDS source, converting the source, and deploying the new browser-based interface to your program as a WebSphere application. The conversion creates JavaServer Pages and XML files that substitute for your DDS code and make Web access possible. After your DDS code has been converted, you can access the application through a browser or continue to use 5250 displays.

Having the interface to your applications based on JavaServer Pages allows for more flexibility in customizing their appearance. WebFacing style properties enable you to change the look and feel of the pages that will be generated for you. You can define attributes in your Web pages such as graphics, fonts, colors, and layouts. Use one of the supplied styles or create your own. If you would like to update the appearance of a previously converted project, simply run the WebFacing Tool again and select a new style.

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