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In the iSeries world, IBM has opened its arms and adopted TCP/IP as a brother to APPN/APPC. Starting with OS/400 V3R1, TCP/IP has become an integral part of the operating system and has been applied as follows:

  • iSeries TCP/IP enables multivendor connectivity. The standard TCP/IP utilities allow
    terminal connections (Telnet), file transfer (File Transfer Protocol, or FTP), and
    printer sharing (LPR/LPD) with a variety of TCP/IP hosts, clients, and servers.
  • iSeries TCP/IP works with AnyNet to reduce network protocol requirements.
    AnyNet lets conventional APPC traffic travel over a TCP/IP network. For
    example, you can run Client Access (CA/400) over TCP/IP using AnyNet.
  • iSeries TCP/IP offers Internet capability. The iSeries TCP/IP implementation
    provides a foundation for Internet-related tools and services, such as World Wide
    Web and Gopher serving.

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