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EZPrint is an application that provides direct access to iSeries - AS/400 Spool files for local or remote PC users. You can save those spool files to your PC, email them, deliver reports as HTML, or print them as Adobe PDFs! Downloading the contents of spool files is easy, and you can view reports directly on the PC or export them.

Summary of EZPrint features:

Access any attached iSeries - AS/400(s).
Uses a super-fast TCP/IP connection to quickly distribute spool files.
Download spool file contents in two formats:
       -    Embedded blank lines allow you to see the report contents exactly
             as they appear when printed.
       -    Compressed format excludes blank lines for even faster distribution.
Display attributes, hold, save, delete or view contents of spool files.
Save spool file contents to any PC file easily.
Email spool files directly from EZPrint.
Print downloaded files for distribution as Adobe PDFs .
Deliver reports to web pages as HTML.
Copy/Cut and Paste spool file contents to your own print areas.
Unlimited number of local or remote PC users.
Employ existing iSeries - AS/400 security to prevent unauthorized access
    to spool files.

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