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DCMI - System i/ iSERIES/ AS400 Q & As


This page contains more questions and answers regarding the iSeries. If your question isn't answered here, you can ask us for help at:

1) How can I obtain a Hardware Rack Configuration? How can I get Software Resources Listing? Answer
2) What if I run a report and can't find it in the OUTQs? Answer
3) How can I check for error messages anywhere on the system? Answer
4) What if I am required to check for error messages from a work station that is input inhibited? Answer
5) Can iSeries 400 be an Internet or Intranet server? What is required? Answer
6) What software operating system, options, licensed programs, etc. do I need on the iSeries for Internet? Answer
7) After I get all this Internet prerequisite software installed, now what do I need to do? Answer
8) How do I configure these applications? Answer
9) I have selected and configured my TCP/IP applications, how do I use them? Answer
10) How do I enable TCP/IP on iSeries 400? Answer
11) How do I connect to an external network? What do I need to know when I deal with Internet Service Providers (ISP) or Network Providers? Answer
12) How do I get directly connected? What are my options? What are strengths and weaknesses of this approach? Answer
13) Why is my outbound access limited? What can I do to improve it? Answer
14) What is a domain name server and how does it affect my installation? Answer

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