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AS/400 TCP/IP Configuring for the Internet

You may have searched many sites to find out how to configure your AS/400 for the Internet.
Now you are here to stay.

Table of contents

Your checklist

How to configure
the AS/400 TCP/IP

How to define mail
users on AS/400

Basic client


Internet Setup Wizard

A checklist were you may write your configuration data

Configure the AS/400 Server

All the steps needed to configure an Ethernet line connected to the Internet, to setup the TCP/IP protocol, to define names and tables, and to autostart the servers and the TCP/IP itself.

How you can define a mail user on AS/400 either using your 5250 screen, or using the Operations Navigator.

Configure a PC Client

Basic configuration for a Windows Client using the network assigned to the AS/400: TCP/IP configuration and HOSTS table.

Configure PC Mail Client

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