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DCMI - iSeries/AS400 Q and A

This page contains frequently asked questions and answers regarding the iSeries. If your question isn't answered here, you can ask us for help at:

1) I'm having problems with PC support on my PC after installing 3.1. Answer
2) I'm having memory problems with Windows and 3.1. Answer
3) With remote printers on a 436, why do I have to start local printers, then start remote printers, then start local printers? Answer
4) I notice that certain times of the day my system crawls. What is slowing my system down? Answer
5) Can I move performance data from one system to another to analyze? Answer
6) I have a new 436 and I am maxed out at 999 on a 4MEG machine. What now? Answer
7) Do I need any PTF's to go from a 236 to a 436 machine? Answer
8) My AFP is giving me a message stating I am on a grace period since I loaded version 3.1. Answer
9) Is there a Windows 95 version of the client access software. Answer
10) I get an error CPI1154 system password has expired. What do I do? Answer

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