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"2011 - Cloud Computing, Data Security"

"2010 - Document Management, Web Access "

"2009 - The arrival of the single platform IBM i Power Server"

"2008 - The 20th anniversary of the birth of the AS/400"

Sam Searcy, President of Data Communications Management Inc., sees IBM i support services to be strong in 2014 because of the enhanced security, web services, and virtualization capabilities that enable businesses to reap the greatest value from their IT investment. The hardware is renewed with the introduction by IBM of the IBM i, the new name for i5/OS operating system, featuring the newest release IBM i 6.1. With Power servers, you can take advantage of this single platform for all your IBM i, AIX and Linux applications.

DCMI has built a successful business providing services to its customers like systems integration and web-enabled applications. They have installed IBM i on networks, making existing AIX, Linux and native applications operate seamless. The value adds DCMI has focused on heavily include e-Business applications and LANs. Most IBM i accounts have solid data base applications but few have e-Business applications on the IBM i.

DCMI's staff includes full time consultants and contractors with expertise in Imaging, Communications/Networking, COBOL and RPG programming. DCMI serves clients in a wide range of industries including: Associations/Nonprofits, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, Insurance, and Trucking. One of the key areas of business has been developing API's for accessing other databases from the IBM i.

Sam is positive about using a team approach in bringing about customer solutions. Therefore, sources have been identified to bring about a package solution. The customer can expect the best support available; whether they have products like Windows, Novell, Domino, Java, Sockets or unique software packages that require support/service. DCMI is a full service company with experts and partners in the areas of sales support, dealing with IBM Global Financing, maintenance programs, and technical pricing and configuration support.

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