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The 400 (
A new site from CE Communications which provides AS/400 information and education, and features content produced by AS/400 magazine.
The Adcap Line (
Caps by the dozen. Painters caps, baseball caps and more caps.... Commercial ordering of caps. Currently painters caps available.
Abactalab (
Virtual gallery of french artistes
AS/400 Specialist in France, We make softwares for the AS/400, Web creations and hosting... Just visit us !
Advanced Business Link (
AS/400 Web Server Software
Advanced Solutions Group, Inc. (
AS/400 Document Management Specialists Download WebDocs software and view AS/400 images from ImagePlus or multi-page faxes. Page up and down, rotate, and zoom images. Use on internet or intranet. View any images stored on your AS/400 including delivery receipts, credit card slips and many more.
Africachild (
African percusion, Djembe and guitare from Senegal
Affiliated Resource Group (
The Affiliated Resource Group company website provides an overview of the organization, information for prospective AS/400 internet users and educational information for AS/400 development professionals through "Ed Browser", a comprehensive application to help you find and plan for education/training to improve your technical and professional skills.
AIMEX is specialized in IBM AS/400 systems, according to 3 directions: AS/400, intranet and Internet is now a reality with I/ NET's Webserver/400 and Webulator/400, Electronic forms, with JetForm's Formplus/400, Information Storage with the IBM Solution 3995 and ArchivPlus/400 Software. Try ** FREELY** the 5250-thru-HTMLWeb emulation at http:// !
Archway Home Style Cookies (
New cookie recipe each month!
AS Software (
Non-English site. Germany.
AS/400 (P03, advanced entry...) Home page (
Le premier IBM AS/400 connecté à Internet en France..
Associated Systems, Inc. (
Advanced utility billing software customer information systems and finanacial management for the utility industry.
Associação Brasileira Indústria Elétrica e Eletrônica (
Non-English site. Brazil
Automated Training Systems (
Leading in AS/400, Client/Server and Internet Training - Products - News - Tech Support
Avesta Sheffield (
Stainless Steel Supplier.
Baucom Press (
Providing commercial printing services to businesses.
Bead It (
Beads from Around the World
Beaulieu of America (
A world leader in fine floor covering for home and office.
Bee Caps (
You have seen stranger products sold, I am sure!
Bellevue Neighborhood Church (
Ministry based in Seattle, WA.
Black Hills Corporation (BHC) (
Generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity; mining of coal; oil and gas production. Since 1991 BHC has moved its' entire operation from the IBM 370/390 platform to multiple AS/400s. BHC is utilizing the AS/400 for their Intranet solution and currently usingInternet Connection/400 POP, SMTP and HTTP servers. The Internet will help BHC to reach new residential and business customers in other parts of the country.
Blick UK Limited (
Digital Technology
Braun Kendrick Finkbeiner P.L.C. (
Attorneys at Law
Bull Run Corporation (
Originally a mining resource company. Interesting investor information. Stock price, financial information and graphs. Since 1993 Bull Run has been involved in a series of acquisitions and investments in undervalued, well-managed operating companies with excellent growth potential.
Byford Computer Services (
United Kingdom AS/400 Client/Server Model 100. Look at Byford's EIS page for good information on an AS/400 EIS product " InfoManager". InfoManager is sold in Canada by Hyatt Information Systems and in the US by Ferguson Information Systems.
Career/NET (
Career/NET is a digital resume software package targeted to the millions of job seekers in the U.S. looking for permanent employment, internships and summer jobs.
Centresoft (
Europe's Leading Retail Games Distributor 1997 plans include Publisher access to CentreSoft stock and order tracking systems. Retailer access to CentreSoft stock and order tracking systems. Games demonstration downloads.
A.W. Chesterton Company (
Global industrial sealing and fluids manufacturer and distributor with more than 1,500 employees world-wide, and over 300 distributors globally, all who depend on the AS/400 and the Internet for access to information and business transactions. They have complete Internet E-Mail integration and full 5250 access via Internet.
COMMON Organization (
The world's largest IBM users group, providing education, training and solutions for IT professionals who use AS/400, RS/6000, System/36 and PC technology.
Computer Systems and Services (
Internet provider and home page designer
Dancik-On-Disk (
Provider of wholesale distribution and logistics systems, software and services to the floor covering, ceramic tile, natural stone and building products industries.
Data Processing Services (
DPS are utilizing both Internet and Intranet capabilities. "We considered Sun and NT as potential Internet Servers. But we ultimately selected the AS/400 for its price-performance, leading-edge technology, investment protection, security through object-based architecture, and the ability to run both our business and our Internet offerings on the same platform." says Scott Abbott, DPS Vice President.
Datasouth (
Datasouth Computer Corporation manufactures heavy-duty dot matrix and thermal printers, and related products for the computer industry. With an installed base of more than 220,000 printers, Datasouth has earned a reputation as "America's High Performance Printer Company."
DCMI, Colorado (
AS/400 & RS/6000 Consulting Services. Presentation of Commerce/400, Web Server/400 and Webulator/400.... Web Page is running on a 9402 Model 400 and DCMI can offer consulting services for those wishing to connect their AS/400 to the internet.
Design Technologies (
E-commerce developers for AS/400.
Diamond Consulting, Inc. (
Consulting:  Midrange Services, Network Services, Technology Planning and Web-Based Solutions.
D J Powers Co., Inc. (
Logistics Management Services. Based in Savannah, Georgia.
Dolphin Beach Resort (
            Gulf of Mexico resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida.
Double Crane Enterprise Co., Ltd. (
Multi-level marketing company based in Taiwan.
Dr.Xpress: Health Care Systems, Inc. (
Among other items Dr.Xpress offers electronic claims filing. Here is what their customers are saying. "I can't believe how fast our claims are being paid! The collection department thanks you and especially the doctors thank you. " ...Vicky Lawley, Goodwood Woman's Center, Baton Rouge, LA
The Education Connection (
A technical conference for the AS/400 community.
Enterprise Rent-a-Car (
Largest US car rental agency. Growing in Canada and UK. Very nicely designed site.
Non-English site. Norway.
EZLinks (
Web hosting service running on AS/400 40S V3R6
Farina and Associates, Inc. (
            Consulting. style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  Develops Applications for Client-Server and Internet based systems.
Flag Factory (
Catalog of products including pictures. Cannot order items online you can only order the catalog itself.
Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn (
Great Pictures. Located in Frankenmuth, Michigan.
FutureOne (
Full Service Internet Provider
Gartman Systems (
Provides custom programming, consulting services, and software.
The HAC of America Group (
Order online: hearing amplification devices, assistive communications products, and accessibility solutions.
Hallmark Data Systems (
Serving publishers' circulation fulfillment and reader service needs.
Harker, Inc. Software and Services (
Providing services to IBM customers.
Home Marketing Systems (
Total Services Real Estate site
IBM AS/400 home page.
IGNITe/400(sm) (
IGNITe/400( sm) is an electronic user group for users, developers, software vendors, and consultants working with the AS/400 and Internet technology to exchange information. Membership is FREE. Users post articles, and exchange information. Check our calendar of AS/400 events arount the world.
I Levy & Associates, Inc. (
Developer of the Navigator 2000® Suite of imaging products.
I/Net, Inc. (
I/Net has nice sample pages showing AS/400 support for many Internet features.
I/Net, Inc. - Commerce Server/400 and Web Server/400 (
Native AS/400 applications providing WWW opportunities to your AS/400.
Information Design, Inc. (
Full-service authorized solutions provider.
Info-Software AS (
Non-English site. AS/400 Business Partner, Norway
Innovative Software Solutions (
Internet access provider and web page designer.
International Marketing Strategies Worldwide (
IMS represents a diverse range of products from Internet Software to Office Furniture. As part of an global organisation, IMS Worldwide can offer products and services from many locations around the world.
JFW Industries, Inc. (
Design and manufacturing company.
Justus Companies (
Real estate brokers, home builders, rental property managers and senior housing providers.
Kalamazoo County Government (
Kalamazoo "County Connection" for officials and citizens.
Kingland Systems (
Kingland Systems designs and markets computer solutions to automate virtually all brokerage boxes. "Securities applications from the securities experts."
LeSEA is a multifaceted organization that encompasses ministry, broadcasting, worldwide relief, global 24 hr prayerline, Christian tours, and Healthy Choices dietary supplements.
 Christian Business Web Directory (
Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company (
Maine 's largest and leading provider of worker's compensation insurance.
The Maple-Vail Book Manufacturing Group (
            Full-service book manufacturer.
MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore (
Order college text books on-line.
McKessonHBOC, Inc. (
Integrated health systems, managed care organizations, physician enterprises and hospitals. "We considered a Microsoft NT Serverplatform for our Internet solution, and selected AS/400 as there was little or no requirement to rewrite RPG applications for this first round of Internet enablement thus providing easy customer transition from 5250 to browser-based user interface."
Metropolitan Title Company (
Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan) real estate resource.
MeyerNet (
Growers Association, Mexico
Michigan, the Great Lakes State (
 Kalamazoo Michigan Convention and Visitors Bureau (
Kalamazoo Michigan Convention and Visitors Bureau home page.
College Misericordia (
Web site includes College catalog and course descriptions.
Morgan Sign (
Graphic Design and Signage
Great looking site, Japanese. I wish I knew what they were selling!
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (
Two-year technical college serving the northeast Wisconsin community.
OSAP Ministry of Education (
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. College and university students search the AS/400 database to ensure that their educational institution of choice is approved for student loans. Students can then check their loan status. Stage 2 will allow students to make their entire loan application via the Internet.
PDQ is a company that takes away the hassle of distribution by offering a 'one stop shop' of services to computer software publishers.
Pan European Publishing Company (
Belgium , International Publishing.
Below are publications from Pan European with their own Internet sites. Each site includes interesting reader demographics.
Performance Management, Inc. (
PDC Generator! The Automator.
PFW Systems Corporation On-Line (
Totally integrated management system which allows recording, analyzing and accessing real-time information.
P.L. Porter Co. (
A global leader in linear position control devices and adjustingtechnology for the aircraft, automotive and truck markets.
Precision Systems Concepts, Inc. (
Information Technology Consulting firm.
ProData Computer Services, Inc. (
ProData's chief software product is Data Base Utility (DBU), an AS/400 database manipulation tool. Users can update or display any file instantly without programming.
The Real Estate Superstore (
"The buy from me, sell for free company."
Rehmann Robson Services (
CPA - Consulting. "I needed the reliability of AS/400; it is better than NT and has RAID. It just never goes down. The AS/400 provides security, scalability and integration as our Internet server." A java script is used to scroll text on screen.
The Riley Group (
Provides computer hardware, software and services.
Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce (
Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce
SAMSA, Systems and Market Services of America, Inc. (
IBM Business Partner and Authorized Internet Affiliate
SDG Soft, Inc. (
Guitar software education.
Seelye of Southwest Michigan (
Automotive group providing products and services.
Serti (
Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Providing Information Systems to the dealership communities for over 20 years.
Sonata Business Systems, Inc. (
Custom applications, installation, support and training.
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (
Public Higher Education.
South Carolina Student Loan Corporation (
Information and services on student loans.
South Shore Hospital and Medical Center (
200-bed not-for-profit community teaching hospital. Model Community AIDS Program.
Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (
A silicone medical products manufacturer. This site opens with a simple animation and features technical information and photos of their products.
The State Bar of California (
Good search of AS/400 Database to find members of the Bar. The State Bar office currently pays workers to answer an estimated 200,000 calls per year to verify that lawyers are bar members fit to practice in the state. Cutting down on that time will save the Bar office money. Future plans include interactivity and discussion groups among lawyers.
Storage USA (
PC's & Accessories Superstore.
Superior Business Solutions (
Custom printing and business forms.
Supermarket Information Systems Inc. (
The nation's leading outsource agent for processing manufacturer and distributor unsaleable goods.
Support Net (
Distributor of IBM Hardware Services over 700 IBM Business Partners with IBM AS/400s, RS/6000s, and Networking Products. "By giving our customers access to information any time they need it, we give them the competitive edge they need to be successful." Sales in first six months of 1996 equal all of 1995 sales.
Systems Implementation, Inc. (
Computer-related services designed to provide efficiency and productivity in a data processing environment.
Target Solutions (
Internet Solution Provider
TAS Air Cargo (
            Provides Carriers, Schedules and Tracking information; Government Agency and Transportation information.
The TCM Group (
Provides midrange systems sales and service support in various areas. An IBM Business Partner.
Tecumseh Products Company (
Compressors, Engines, Pumps
Boy Scouts of America. Toledo, Ohio.
Hampton Park Christian Church (www.troop14/hp_main.htm)
Boy Scouts of America (
Two Men and a Truck (
4th largest residential mover in the country! Check out the founders of "Two Men and a Truck"!
T&S Brass and Bronze Works (
Plumbing Manufacturer
University of St. Thomas, Object Lab (
The Object Lab is a unique partnership of corporate users of object technology, vendors of that technology, and the University.
U.S. Metals, Inc. (
Provides piping components to the refinery, petro-chemical, and power industries. AS/400 Guest Access takes you to U.S. Metals AS/400 signon screen. Demo userid/password not known.
Vanguard Systems (
Internet Imaging, AS/400 Imaging
Waseca Public Schools, Minnesota (
Library search runs native AS/400 5250 program. Nice area and street map of Waseca. Short audio download from AS/400.
WebCom Internet Communications (
Internet access provider and web page designer. "The AS/400 is an ideal platform for creating and maintaining WebServer applications. With a 64-bit RISC processor, integrated database, TCP/IP as part of the operating system, and countless other features - the AS/400 is where everyone else wants to be!"
Westernacher (
Non-English site. Germany
Zurich, Japan (
            Providing financial and insurance products.

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